What we can do with a Property Manager Software?

what we can do

Property manager software can do this features.

Property Management: Manage properties, track tenant information, leases, repairs, rents and payments.

Rent Collection: Allow tenants to pay rent online and track payments in real time.

Tenant Screening: Perform background checks, credit checks and other processes to find quality tenants.

Lease Management: Create, modify and track leases.

Maintenance: Track maintenance requests, schedule repairs and manage associated costs.

Accounting: Manage finances, including generating financial reports, tracking payments, calculating taxes and managing budgets.

Communication: Communicate with tenants, landlords, and vendors via integrated channels such as SMS, email, and notifications.

Online booking: Allow tenants to book online, schedule tours and sign contracts.

Management: Track ongoing projects, plan activities and allocate resources.Profitability Analysis: Analyze the profitability of properties and projects based on rental data, costs and revenues.

Document Storage: Store and manage property‐related documents such as leases, invoices, receipts and reports.

Reporting and Analytics: Generate customizable reports to track property performance and make data‐driven decisions.

Appointments: Simplify appointment schedulingSetting up appointments with the members of the condominium association. Set up appointments with owners, tenants, suppliers, property managers etc.

Dashboard: View page with all elements centralized for a simplified view of the tasks to be performed.


Property management software offers an all‐in‐one solution for property owners and managers to manage their properties efficiently and profitably. 

What we can do ?