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What is Building ?

A building is a constructed structure that is intended to be used for shelter, occupation, or other human activities. Buildings can range in size and complexity, from small single‐room structures to massive high‐rise buildings.

Buildings can be used for a variety of purposes, including residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional uses.

Residential buildings are designed for people to live in, while commercial buildings are designed for business and retail uses.

Industrial buildings are used for manufacturing, processing, or storage, while institutional buildings are used for government, educational, or religious purposes.

Buildings can be made of a variety of materials, including concrete, brick, wood, steel, and glass, among others. The design and construction of buildings are regulated by local building codes and standards to ensure safety, accessibility, and energy efficiency.

Overall, buildings are an essential part of human life, providing shelter, workspaces, and other necessary amenities to support our daily activities.

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